I'm an Orthodontist turned mental health advocate and found/host of "The Wright Talk Podcast"

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I am Dr. Whitney Wright, an Orthodontist turned mental health advocate and founder/host of the Wright Talk Podcast.

I'm an Orthodontist turned mental health advocate and founder/host of "The Wright Talk Podcast"

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What’s the Wright Talk Podcast About?

This mental health podcast focuses on openly discussing mental illness to break the stigma surrounding mental health and wellness because frankly, someone needs to! Listeners are encouraged to phone in to converse with Dr. Whitney Wright about what is on their minds. Dr. Wright is happy to have his audience hear real-life stories from real people and suggest ways to improve their lives. Dr. Wright’s motivation for this show is so people can speak about their personal experiences comfortably to not only help themselves, but also help others. It’s about starting the conversation in a safe space where the aim is to leave the judgement behind and begin the healing process. You’re going to love what the show has to present because the discussions are about relevant mental health topics that resonate with so many of us. Hearing these stories and obtaining information about the topic will correct common misconceptions and change the perception of the public to truly understand why mental health is so important to all of us. Silence hurts so it’s time to speak out.

Common topics discussed on the show include how to deal with the following mental health and wellness related issues:




Alcohol/substance abuse (and recovery)

Mental well-being affected by current events

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What Is Life Coaching?

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Meet Dr. Whitney Wright

Dr. Whitney Wright was born in Mesa, Arizona. He graduated with honors from Brigham Young University and the University of Colorado Dental School. Upon graduating from the University of Colorado Orthodontics residency, he co-founded one of the fastest-growing de novo DSOs in the country. As Founding Orthodontist of Risas Dental and Braces, Dr. Wright created revolutionary systems and protocols to allow each practice to average 60-80 ortho starts a month. Dr. Wright also co-founded Risas Dental and Braces.

He has a long history as a proven Team, Culture and Morale builder through motivational speaking. Dr. Wright also hosted the Risas Radio Spanish Talk radio program syndicated in both the greater Phoenix and Denver areas. He speaks fluent Spanish. His background in improv comedy allows him to speak with ease in front of large audiences. Although no longer working in the clinic, Dr. Wright continues to transform grills; he restores classic vehicles. He loves spending his free time with his three children and lovely wife of 18 years.

Dr. Whitney Wright has experienced and seen issues concerning depression, anxiety, and mental illness. It was through treatment that he was inspired to start a mental health podcast to bring motivation to those struggling in silence by spreading awareness about different mental health conditions, giving insightful advice, and revealing enlightening information. He knows how hard it can be for people struggling with mental illness-related conditions to even open up about them. He wanted to create a platform that allowed for a safe space in which healing can begin. And healing can only begin once we realize and are able to speak about what we need to improve on. This was when Dr. Wright decided to help others in a new way, by founding a mental health podcast: The Wright Talk. He’s been there, done that, and now he’s ready to start the conversation.

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"Thank you for coming to speak with us. I was thoroughly impressed with your ability to turn your personal vision and passion into a viable business.

Your speaking skills are great. I was fully engaged and delighted to hear you speak. Your story of success is amazing."

- A. Baldwin

"Thank you for speaking at our event yesterday! It was refreshing to hear a relevant story that was outside of our industry. Your presentation skills are fantastic. You generated suspense and laughter throughout and had all of us engaged. I also found your content inspiring and motivational. Thank you for sharing your story and for creating a business that is so community-minded, while focusing on the well-being of your employees and patients. We need more like you in this world!"

- T. Pany

"Dr. Wright was fantastic! He puts his audience at ease and quickly hones in on the right tone needed. His stories are amazing, his lessons are timely and impactful. He is a first-class story teller and has a lot to offer any business looking to improve culture, productivity or a growth mindset. I would recommend Dr. Wright to any team looking to take their performance to the next level."

- C. Sexton

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